Today much is made of products being organic. We see organic foods these are common enough, but we also so organic materials, you can wear clothes where the fibers come from plants which have been produced organically.

What does organic mean?

Organic is a term which can only be applied to products which adhere to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines. These go a lot further than demanding that there are no synthetic pesticides used. It requires that the crop is not genetically modified. There are other requirements which apply to animals, but for organic coffee windermere these are the two that matter.

Making a difference to the drinker

organic coffee windermere

Organic products tend to be more expensive as they are a little more difficult to produce and protect. However, the value to the drinker comes in two parts. Firstly, the taste of the coffee is a true taste of coffee. Secondly, you’re not drinking some admittedly diluted but still present pesticide along with that revitalizing shot of caffeine.

Making a difference to the world

Most coffee is produced in countries where there is a need for economic development. Making it worth their while to produce coffee organically and then hopefully adding a layer of fair trade on top of it means that we can create a better environment right the way down the coffee chain.

If workers are getting a fair wage and working in conditions which are not harmful because of pesticides and other conditions might make the coffee taste better.

And the roasting

It makes sense to continue the chain all the way from grower to consumer. It is worth checking out that the roaster sees through that beans are recently roaster and properly kept.